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Realizing Potential With doHow®

Establishing a clear baseline for leadership effectiveness with doHow®’s 3P assessment




Inspirational Persuasion Methodology

To become a great leader, knowing where you stand is important. That’s why the first step we take at doHow® is establishing a baseline of your leadership effectiveness.

We use our 3P Leadership Effectiveness Assessment to do this.

Once we clearly understand where you stand, we can start working on mentoring and coaching you to achieve your goals. We’ll help you improve your leadership skills by changing your mindset and culture.

And we’ll also help you learn and develop the management skills you need to excel as a leader. We invite you to take our questionnaire and get in touch with us to start your journey to becoming an exceptional leader.

doHow® help individuals and businesses in

becoming world class leaders in their industry

increasing employee's efficiency for building an efficient work culture

gaining competitive advantage in career growth

achieving personal and professional goals

Inspirational Persuasion Methodology

Before doHow®

Employees feel surprised and besieged by change

After doHow®

Employees feel surprised and besieged by change

Our Journey Since Our Inception

Our DoHow® Methodology is helping transform mindset & culture for consistent success since 2013

-11% to +16% EBIDTA in 1Y, ​
100% OTIF Delivery in 6M​


Large Enterprises and Small Enterprises

>6M to <1M Receivables in 3M​
5% to 1% Vendor Defects in 3M​


Large Enterprises and Small Enterprises

12W to 6W Order LT in 6M​


Medium Enterprises

50% YoY Growth in 2Y​


Medium Enterprises

+1.5 ITR in 3M​


Large Enterprises

100% Project Delivery in 6M​


Large Enterprises

1.5Mio INR Savings in 3M​
85% to >100% Sales in 3M​


Multinational and Large Enterprises

60% to 100% OTIF in 6M​


Multinational Enterprises

-34% Conversion Cost in 6M​
Ø Customer Defects in 6M​


Large Enterprises

1. Reduction in Queries​
2. Employee Engagement with KPI/Dashboards​
3. OTIF from 90%→99% in 6 weeks​
4. Doubling of Volume with Rolling Planning​
5. Structured Action Tracking for SCM KPI Fulfilment​


Large, Small and Medium Enterprises

doHow® For Freshers

We help freshers succeed with our doHow® Smart Lean Performance System.

doHow® For Entrepreneurs

Empower entrepreneurs to scale their businesses using doHow® Smart Lean Performance System.

doHow® For Executives

Maximize Executive Performance with doHow® Smart Lean Performance System

doHow® For MNCs

Unleash MNC Potential with doHow® Smart Lean Performance System

doHow® For MSMEs

A unique method for achieving business prosperity with clear roles and continuous improvements.

doHow® For Managers

Boost team effectiveness with doHow® Smart Lean Performance System

Hear from the doHow® Community

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who’ve succeeded with doHow®

“Good establishment, competitive training skill and slightly expensive for MSME`s. Good knowledge & experience available in the team.”
Manager Process Development
Large Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing Company
“Business strategy inputs are really good for business growth.”
General Manager
Medium Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing Company
“The overall business health check process was enriching and provided many valuable inputs and insights from the excellence point of view.”
Executive Director (Human Resources)
Large Utilities Company


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