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About Dinakar Murthy

Inspiring management, teams and people to consistently perform, innovate and achieve amazing outcomes, by changing mindset and culture, in companies, is my passion. I have first visualised my Entrepreneurship Career and then my Corporate Career, both with a summary of highlights, and then their details.



Developing a solution for business targets followed by handholding during implementation and reviewing the progress regularly.


Customising and delivering the training, matched to the context and the targets using the Socratic Method, for effective adult learning.


Assessing the current level of excellence based on EFQM model and suggesting the way forward using my experience to the management.

During my corporate career spanning almost 27 years, I had the opportunity to work in diverse roles in all the hierarchy levels, covering project, line, and staff functions, in different locations, leading and managing people from different cultures. In all my roles, I drove change, especially a change in mindset, while acquiring competencies mentioned after the info-graphic, which serve as my backbone, even today.

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