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Balancing Business, Startup, and Career Chakras for Sustainable Prosperity

Balancing Business, Startup, and Career Chakras for Business.

A while ago, I conceptualized the seven business chakras, analogical to the seven chakras in our bodies, for defining the flows in a business.

Later I developed these career chakras for defining the flows in a career.

Recently, I developed these startup chakras for defining the flows in a startup.

Today, I am linking all these chakras with their respective lifecycles. After our formative years, we typically start as an employee. Some of us continue as an employee till retirement and some of us after contributing as an employee, transition to a startup for finding a solution to a need, a problem, or a pain. Once the startup becomes self-sufficient, some of us exit the startup, and some of us transition to building a business around the solution and leave behind a legacy of creating a world-class company.

With this integration of the career, startup, and business chakras, let me briefly recap the chakras again.

1. Rhythm Chakra, analogous to the Root Chakra in our body, drives the fundamental livelihood for survival. What we do to survive.

2. Continuity Chakra, analogous to the Sacral Chakra in our body, drives the continuity of our livelihood. What we do to survive tomorrow.

3. Top-Down Chakra, analogous to the Solar Plexus Chakra in our body, creates personal power by driving direction and control. How shall we increase our bandwidth?

4. Bottom-Up Chakra, analogous to the Heart Chakra in our body, creates caring motivation by driving praise and recognition. How shall we get others to deliver as good as us?

5. Progress Chakra, analogous to the Throat Chakra in our body, enables convincing others of change by communicating, convincing, driving, and implementing improvements. Why can’t we be better tomorrow?

6. Growth Chakra, analogous to the Third Eye Chakra in our body, enables perceiving the unseen, learning, and internalizing for better behavior. Why can’t we continually evolve by behaving better?

7. Success Chakra, analogous to the Crown Chakra in our body, manages our beliefs and value system and the connection with our external world with Intolerance for Interruptions in Rhythm and Continuity Chakras, Awareness for Authenticity in Top-Down and Bottom-Up Chakras and Excitement for Evolution in Progress and Growth Chakras, for sustainable prosperity.

Rhythm and Continuity Chakras lead to a change in the balance of our money account, Top-Down, and Bottom-Up Chakras lead to a change in the balance of our trust account, and Progress and Growth Chakras lead to a change in the balance of our memories account.

The balancing of chakras method, I have developed is based on doHow®, identifies the weakest flow (chakra), and then works on developing the competencies necessary for mastering that weakest flow (chakra).

Finally, if all the chakras are balanced and the flow is seamless, sustainable prosperity is a natural outcome.

What do you think of the chakras to identify your weakest flow (chakra) that is interrupting your sustainable prosperity, be it as an employee, a founder, or a CXO of a company?

Happy Reading!

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4 months ago

Smart way to break down business flow and relate to human chakras!

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