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Empower Your Team for Consistent Business Growth with doHow® Smart Lean System

Transform your MSME business with doHow® Smart Lean Performance System for efficient and profitable operations

The doHow® Smart Lean Performance System helps MSME companies grow while maintaining profitability. The system is based on a foundation of Smart Lean Systems, which ensures a continuous flow of products, services, information, decisions, etc. with an unambiguous handshake between every giver and taker in the entire chain.

This is achieved by identifying focus areas through analyzing variations and establishing roles and responsibilities of everyone in the organization. The system uses various tools and modules for stakeholder analysis, assessment of the current reality, strategy development, performance metrics, process mapping, routine reporting, and continual learning.

The doHow® system is customized to each client’s unique needs and is a catalyst for ongoing actions and initiatives.

Focus on the top barrier for business growth

Samuthána Business Chakra Assessment for discovering core strengths and challenges

Sustainable organisation and technical problem solving

Lead time, throughput and productivity improvement

Organisation and team development

Daily works management and weekly improvements

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“Good establishment, competitive training skill and slightly expensive for MSME`s. Good knowledge & experience available in the team.”
Manager Process Development
Large Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing Company
“Business strategy inputs are really good for business growth.”
General Manager
Medium Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing Company
“The overall business health check process was enriching and provided many valuable inputs and insights from the excellence point of view.”
Executive Director (Human Resources)
Large Utilities Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions by our leaders

What is doHow®?

doHow® is a smart lean performance system for achieving consistent outcomes by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of actions. 

Why not doWhy?

doWhy is the first step in doHow®, based on which the amazing outcome will be defined. 

Who is Dinakar Murthy?

Dinakar Murthy is the creator of doHow® and a Change Management and Performance Leader with more than 10 years’ experience in Consultancoaching Individuals and Companies after more than 25 years of corporate leadership (for effectiveness) and management (for efficiency) experience in India, Brazil and Germany, apart from being associated with the EFQM business excellence model for more than 20 years. 

What is Consultancoaching?

Consultancoaching” is a combination of the necessary expertise and domain knowhow for consultancy and necessary ability to catalyse thinking as a coach, so that one can self-discover and implement the “Best-in-Class” practices. 

What is Samuthána?

Growth, Rising, Increase, Performance of work, Origin.… Those, in Sanskrit, are some of the meanings of the word Samuthána, a company founded by Dinakar in 2013 for creating exceptional leaders and world class companies. 

How is doHow® different?

Unlike the training programs, doHow® uses the good practices for solving problems with a hands-on approach for enabling the learning. Instead of executing a solution as is normal with consultants, doHow® provides guided modules based on good practices for development of a strategy based on understanding the cause and effect followed by execution. doHow® ensures sustainability. 

What will be my involvement with doHow®?

100%, since doHow® addresses the actual challenges and is hands on. The doHow® modules are so designed that everyone present is fully involved, either by replying to web-based surveys, discussing in small teams using the survey results for arriving at a common understanding or executing the actions planned. 

How much time does doHow® take?

The doHow® sessions are normally planned for 2 hours every fortnight and in-between these sessions a daily progress reporting needs to be done, which takes less than 15 minutes every day. 

What are the typical actions to be done?

Some of the actions are analysing the stakeholders, assessing based on Samuthána templates, analysing the market, preparing a market canvas, debriefing, reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of approaches, narrowing down on a problem, analysing the predictability of the causes, designing a process, analysing the throughput, maximising the constraint, defining the most relevant metrics, confirming the success checkpoints, taking an image of the actual situation, articulating the progress done, prospecting for leads, converting leads, rolling planning, tracking and monitoring fullkit status, delivering on time in full, etc. 

What are the typical effects of doHow®?

The most common effects of doHow® are self-accountability, coming prepared for meetings, meeting deadlines, proactively seeking support from colleagues, learning using online free resources, intense focus on the amazing outcomes, etc. 

How much is the RoI?

Generally the cash investment done for doHow® is recovered within 3 months after the implementation, delivering a phenomenal return on investment. Apart from the direct tangible benefits, agile or growth mindset gets created with doHow®, enabling the capacity overcome upcoming challenges with ease. 

What does doHow® APP do?

doHow® APP is used to practice the learning and to enable guided thinking while executing the good practices. 

How are the logistics taken care of?

doHow® is designed for remote delivery by a local doHow® Consultancoach, who will be trained and certified by Samuthána. Till such time that the local doHow® Consultancoach is ready, Dinakar will deliver remotely through virtual sessions with regular travel for Genchi Genbutsu (Collect the facts from the actual workplace). 

Why now?

Since doHow® improves effectiveness and efficiency, any delay in implementing the doHow® Smart Lean Performance System leads to more hectic, crisis and fire fighting.

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