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Seeing Beyond The Obvious

One of our initial discussions with a customer highlighted the problem as not being able to meet customer fulfillment or OTIF delivery for its customers and the general feeling of the CEO was that the team is not finding new ways and methods (Growth Chakra) to make On Time In Full deliveries to customers. As a first step did a Business Chakra assessment along with the team and the results that came out were that they were not able to get finances and cash in time (Continuity Chakra) and hence not able to meet the customer requirements.  On the next round of consensus Business Chakra assessment the team deep-dived and discussed and debated as to why they were not able to get and make payments in time team came to the real reason was that the real challenge was not having a rolling plan in place (Top-Down Chakra) which was transparent to all the organization to that each stakeholder is aware of what is needed out of them and act in accordance to what is required and thereby have synchronicity so that they can produce what is required and get material accordingly and also not locking money in unwarranted material thus having free cash to make payments. Once this common understanding prevailed within the senior management team they put the required actions in place and came out of the viscous cycle improving their OTIF performance by greater than 90% in about 4 months.

What is reflected within the management team in the origination is to look beyond the obvious if one wants to solve the problem in totality. Does not look beyond the obvious, sound familiar situation in our day-to-day life?

A quick brief about Business Chakras – a tool to look beyond the obvious.

Let it be any business there are 3 flows that one needs to be looking out for…

  1. Market-to-Market (Chakra) Flow: In this flow, one has any Product/Service to offer to fulfill a market need. And what comes back to business is Finances or Cash. The key motivator is “Value” that drives business and the pulse for knowing the performance of this chakra is at its best is there has to be an absolute “intolerance for interruptions” of both the product and cash flow.
  2. People to People (Chakra) Flow: This Flow talks about direction which is important in business. Whenever any major milestone needs to be achieved there are Top Down Directives that need to be given while what gets delivered bottom is Performance. The Key motivator for this chakra/ flow is “Trust” and for this chakra/flow to work properly there needs to be “Awareness for Authenticity” both ways top down and bottom up.

Standards to Standards (Chakra) flow: This flow talks about ways of working, every process/department/people has a certain way of working or standard of working. Over some time they make some Improvements and establish a new standard or way of working in the process some Learning happens and new standards get upgraded. The key motivator for this flow to be operational is the “Story” that you create out of improving the standards and learnings that get created from it. To gauge the pulse of this flow one needs to watch the “Excitement for Evolution” that the organization has.

Thus by being watchful about these 3 flows, one can achieve success for any organization.

There are other situations like Career, Startup, or Prosperity too…

Hope you liked this blog and if you want to know more or take an assessment please use the link given.

I am sure it will trigger some thinking within you.

I am eager to hear from you about what is your method/experiences you had of Seeing Beyond the Obvious.

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